Rob and Cricket


Blooming Ranch is an every-growing family farm on a county island in North Phoenix. Everything springs from our love of bees, chickens, and gardens. Using permaculture principles, we strive to bring a self-sustaining system to all we do. Our chickens give us eggs and they do double time turning the compost and adding their droppings to the mix. We use their eggs to eat and sell, and their shells add calcium to the garden.

And what’s a garden without bees to pollinate it? We LOVE honeybees! In fact, we spend a lot of time relocating bees. All of the colonies (over 100) come from bee relocations all over the Valley. It’s hard work, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Try some of our honey, we are sure you’ll agree that it’s the best in Arizona.


One of our driving missions is to be a resource to our community. We love talking to neighbors as they stop by our Farm Stand or come to our classes. If you are looking for local raw honey, we are here for you. If you are looking to learn how to raise bees or garden we are also here to provide help. Blooming Ranch offers classes in beekeeping, food preservation, and gardening throughout the year. Don’t miss one of our Farm Days either! We love sharing what’s going on at the farm. Hope to see you here!