Greens powder is a brilliant way to get the most powerful use of what is growing in your own yard. I can’t even list all the benefits of consuming leafy greens. From liver detoxification to anti cancer and anti aging benefits, it is evident that we need to find more ways of getting these into our diets. Chlorophyll, vitamins and minerals, fiber, and are all packed into the leaves of every green plant we see. Not only that, but each individual plant has its own super power.

Like I’ve said in my post on using broccoli leaves (HERE), I always thought it was a shame to grow a big, beautiful plant only to use its flower or seed and throw away the rest. We need to find ways of using every part of the plant.

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Did you know that many garden weeds are extremely nutritious? Weeds survive so well because they often have deep taproots that mine for minerals in the soil. Dandelions, Sow Thistle, and London Rocket are some of those that you likely have in your yard. Chickweed, Common Mallow, and Lambs Quarters, are some other highly nutritious and medicinal weeds in Arizona. Look them up to get all the info on them. Of course, always know what you are eating because there are some things that could be toxic to humans.

garden weeds

If you aren’t ready to cook up some weeds in a pan, I get it! It can be a little daunting and maybe not so appetizing. That’s the beauty of dehydrating. You can have all the greens you want in your diet condensed into a fine powder that you can add to smoothies, cookies, cakes, yogurt, or anything else you want.

This is How You Can Make Your Own Super Greens Powder

  1. Collect your greens on a dry day from your garden or location that has not been sprayed by pesticides.
  2. If you have a dehydrator, snip your greens to allow for the most surface area and to aid in drying. Lay the leaves in an open layer so they aren’t packed in.
  3. Turn your dehydrator to 95º F or 35º C to make sure you don’t overheat the greens.
  4. Leave it alone for the day and check after several hours. You want the leaves to be bone dry.
  5. If you are not using a dehydrator, you can tie your leaves together in small bunches to dry in a dark closet. This will take several days to dry.
  6. Once Leaves are dry you can begin to turn them into powder in small batches using a blender or coffee grinder. I have used a VitaMix, coffee grinder, and Magic Bullet and they all work well.
  7. If you find that the leaves still had a little moisture after the blender and they are fibrous, you can allow them to dry and process again later.
  8. Store your powder in glass jars in a dark cupboard or seal in a vacuum-sealed bag.

Add a tablespoon of powder to your smoothie every morning to add an incredible boost to your nutrition. You’ll feel so great knowing that your body is getting its greens in one fell-swoop, and that they came from your own backyard.

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