If you are like me, and I’m not saying you are–but you might be, then you may have kept all your seeds in a bag, a box, a drawer, the glove box, some pockets, a can, AND a few jars. You know you have yardlong beans, but now you can’t find them so you buy another packet only to find the lost one when the season is over and your are planting broccoli. Ugh! Well, I’ve got you covered on this one. A seed organizer is AWESOME!

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I love binders because 1. They are easy to find. 2. Binders are inexpensive, especially at thrift stores, in which there are plenty. 3. They are easy to store in a bookcase or cupboard. They are also great places to keep your calendar printouts, plant descriptions, and any special instructions from plant breeders. You can have one binder for each garden or have a master organizer that is divided by seasons. The options are up to you. If you signed up to receive the newsletter, then you may have already received some pages to fill out to put in them. If you haven’t signed up yet, then you can do that at the bottom of this page.

Inside Front Cover

inside cover of seed binder

The inside cover can hold your planting calendars, garden map, irrigation instructions, origami seed packet template, and anything else you use in garden planning.

Inside Back Cover

back inside cover of seed binder

The inside of the back cover can be used for seed catalogs (not many though) and seed planting instruction.

Back Cover

arizona planting calendar

The very back can also be used for your planting calendar. This makes it easy to know what to plant at any time, and you can make sure you have the seed inside to do it.

Seed Packet Holders

seed packets in binder pages

Here are some of the different photo, business card, and baseball card pages you can use.

seed packs in binder pages

I like the top-load business card type the best because I can fit regular size seed envelopes in them and fold them down to keep the seeds in. Use whatever you can find. Everything I use here is from thrift stores or garage sales, so I get what I get and I don’t throw a fit (as my kids would say). You can see that I use a variety of envelopes to fit the pages.

Various Seed Packets

make your own seed packets

These are the different envelopes I use in the organizer. You can buy small envelopes at a craft store or make your own out of recycled paper. Later I will show you how to make some cute origami seed packets from recycled paper.

Print these or make your own

Seed Saving Information I Love

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