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Propolis: Protect the City (your body)

The term propolis, from Ancient Greek πϱο‐ (pro‐, “in front of/for”) + πόλις (pólis, “city”), refers to the important role of this product in the protection of the colony since it is used by honeybees as a building material to line the beehive, seal small openings and cracks, and strengthen the honeycomb. In addition, propolis is used to protect the hive against parasites and predators, preventing infections and microbial growth and impeding the putrefaction of dead intruders that bees are unable to take out.  Referrence Here

Suggested Uses

  • As a dietary supplement: mix 10-15 drops in honey or water and consume..
  • For gum health: swish mixture in mouth for 1 minute and swallow.
  • Throat Spray: Mix 2-3 tbls tincture with 2 tbls raw honey and 1 tbls warm water. Refrigerate when not in use.

Be sure to get some local honey to use with your Propolis!

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