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Natural Rendered Beeswax

Bees produce beeswax from glands on the sides of their bodies and then pass it from bee to bee to manipulate it into the beautiful and strong hexagonal structure of their comb. This comb is used to store food and raise brood. It is infused with the essence of the life surrounding the hive. The plants that the bees feed from, the honey and pollen that is stored in it, and the royal jelly that is used to feed the young. There is no other wax that is so alive.

Beeswax has been used throughout history for art, medicine, skincare, and to light the darkness. The very scent of beeswax is beautiful, and this transfers to everything it is used in. The color of beeswax varies by the pollen and honey that is stored within it. The way we render it leaves it a beautiful warm yellow color as it retains some of that pollen and honey molecules.

We know you will enjoy using our rendered beeswax in all your projects, whether its for art, beauty, or health.

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