Desert Power Salve


Made from Jojoba infused with Chaparral (Creosote Bush), the most powerful plant in the Sonoron Desert, this salve will do wonders for chapped lips, minor cuts and abrasions.

Use this power salve anytime you want moisture and protection for your dry skin and lips. Simply smooth over your skin wherever needed and gently massage to blend and begin the healing process.

You are going to love the smell of real desert rain as you glide this over your skin.



Desert Power Salve is made from locally harvested BEESWAX, JOJOBA, PROPOLIS and CHAPARRAL.

Every ingredient in this amazing salve is healing for desert-parched skin.

Use it on rashes, blemishes, and parched skin. It SMELLS like the Sonoran Desert!

.5 oz


Thank you for supporting the rescue efforts of Garden Variety Bees. Not only do we rescue and relocate bees, but we promote good beekeeping practices in Arizona. We recognize the significance of bees in our ecosystem and promote rescue over extermination. Our bees are from rehabilitated Africanized hives. By purchasing this product you are helping to rescue honeybees in Arizona.


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